Everything You Need To Know About Belly Fat

Belly fat is the bane of many adults existences. It is regarded as extremely hard to deal with, being impossible to get rid of in just one area. Belly fat makes many people feel uncomfortable, makes clothes challenging to fit in, and in some cases is dangerous.

Some studies have indicated that belly fat may be tied to higher depressive episodes, a higher likelihood of developing diabetes, and cancer.

The fat located around the lower belly, aka the easy to grab onto fat, influences the ability for your body to produce insulin at the appropriate levels to be effective.

Production Of Insulin In The Body

This means that it will gradually have a harder time using insulin and may affect kidney function. Belly fat is also linked to lower quality amounts of sleep and may be a contributor to the development of sleep apnea in adults.

Most of the reasons above are motivators for many adults to consider finding the best way to lower their belly fat amount, but it isn’t that simple.

What Are The Top Causes Of Belly Fat?

The top causes of belly fat are dependent on a variety of factors, but generally, they are:

  • Age
  • Genetics
  • Hormone Production
  • Stress
  • Diet
  • Exercise

Age plays an important part. As people age, the body’s capability to keep fat at bay due to fast metabolism is lowered.

Metabolism naturally slows down, and so it comes down to other factors whether a person can maintain a slimmer physique, even as the problem becomes worth with age.

Genetics plays a part in exactly when and how the body handles nutrients and how it is composed. Hormone production is a subsequent part of that, as the placement of muscle and fat in men is mainly dependent on their testosterone creation.

As men get older, their testosterone levels lower, and instead of muscle, more fat is produced, leading to more rotund appearances which include a larger waistline.

In one study, it was found that beyond purely dietary and natural causes, a massive influence on the body’s fat depositions is stress. Stress leads to changes in diet, cortisol levels, and sleep.

All of the changes above could lead to overeating, low sleep, and high irritability subsequently causing more fat.

How To Lose Belly Fat

Losing belly fat is relatively simple, but the most significant component is patience. Belly fat is not the target, but a part of the process of becoming healthier overall.

Belly fat cannot be precisely targeted, and usually, requires a comprehensive eating plan and exercise routine that leads to gradual changes in the waistline.

Cardio Alone Is Not Enough

Cardio alone will not get the job done. Studies have shown that even a low-level amount of strength training goes a long way to keep the body burning calories and fat even after the workout is completed.

Man Running

While cardio is important to keep a healthy heart and keep your body capable of effective practical movement, some form of weight lifting is necessary because while it burns fat, it will build muscle.

Too much cardio will not only burn fat but it will also begin to eat into muscle as well, and that is a bad thing.

Go For A Low Carb Eating Strategy Over Low Fat Plans

One of the biggest influences on your weight and fat loss is also going to be your diet. Many go for low-fat diets thinking that fat automatically transfers from one source to the next.

It is much easier to lower your carb count and switch to eating more complex carbs than you might imagine. Some studies have also reported that those that focus on low carb diets opposed to low-fat diets lose more belly fat over time.

If there was a ratio, belly fat loss is 50% what you eat, and 20% what exercise you do, and 30% how well you sleep. Having an eating strategy opposed to a diet means that you will gradually incorporate this baseline strategy into your dietary habits long term.

Calling a shift in what you eat a diet, has a stigma that means that it is temporary is something that you shouldn’t naturally be doing.

There is a range of diets that can fit different eating habits that still burn fat, ensure you get the right nutrients, and keep you happy and healthy.

Your eating strategy should be based on trying to ensure you get all of the nutrients you need first, in the correct amounts for your body type. If you can see a nutritionist so you can build a plan that is specific to your goals, body, and schedule.

Most can’t adhere to “diets” because of the problematic schedules they require you to have: prepping food, hunting for what you can and cannot eat, and more.

An eating strategy helps you figure out how you can naturally incorporate eating right so that it becomes a secondary thought.

Reduce Your Stress Levels

One of the biggest causes of belly fat that goes unnoticed is stress. Stress means either eating too much or too little or worse, eating comfort foods at terrible intervals and all hours of the night.

Stress plays a key role in general physical and mental health, so it comes as no surprise that without reducing stress, it is hard to cut fat.

During grieving and stressful periods historically, both animals and humans tend to eat more and sleep more.

Over time, stress increases the amount of fat in the stomach substantially, and the process becomes a cycle.

  • Take up meditation or yoga
  • You daily physical exercise as a chance to clear your mind
  • Keep a journal daily to track your results/progress both physically and mentally

Eat More Fiber & Drink More Water

Your digestion is another essential part of the process of losing belly fat. Keeping a high amount of fiber in your diet keeps you both more full and more content due to a regular body cycle.

Drinking water has a two-fold benefit.

Woman Drinking Water From Bottle

On the one hand, it helps keep your system flushed out and your body working efficiently. On the other hand, drinking water also means you are not drinking sugary or caffeinated drinks that negatively impact your body.


While doing just one of the things outlined in this article will help lose bodyfat an increase your overall health, each piece makes up a comprehensive belly fat combating strategy.

If you want to experience a healthier abdomen, it’s important to take advantage of every tip we provided.

What is your experience dealing with belly fat?

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