10 Incredible Hemp Protein Powder Benefits You Didn’t Know About

Hemp Protein Powder Benefits

Today’s health market boasts a focus on the benefits of using plant-based proteins and other supplements in your daily life.

This is because according to experts, almost anything plant-based is good for your body.

When a company labels a product as “plant-based,” they are referring to the process in which something is made.

For example, hemp protein powder is considered plant-based because it comes from the process of grinding the seeds of the actual hemp plant to create the powder.

And, because the hemp protein powder packs a punch with essential fats, vitamins, and amino acids, hemp protein powder is considered one of the best plant-based protein powders on the market.

Aside from these already incredible benefits hemp protein powder offers you, this plant-based protein powder also gives you 10 unbeatable benefits that you probably didn’t even know about.


Often, people question why hemp seeds have become so popular over recent years.

The truth is, hemp seeds have been around for thousands of years.

While many people have used hemp seeds for centuries, the recent popularity came about when health enthusiasts began to take note of the benefits of putting plant-based formulas in our body.

A few good reasons why adopting hemp seed into your daily routine is a great idea:

  • Excellent source of protein
  • High amounts of essential amino acids (great for many different health benefits)
  • Consumption is versatile (cooked, raw, powdered, etc.)
  • Great dairy replacement option
  • Hormone regulator

The list could go on and on with how much hemp seeds can really do for your entire body!

However, hemp protein powder is also amazing and give you the ability to provide your body with exactly what it needs and when it needs it!

Ready to learn more about how hemp protein powder can positively impact many areas of your life?

Let’s take a look together.

Reduces the Risk of Osteoporosis

Sadly, a staggering 75 million people across the world have been diagnosed and are living with osteoporosis.

So, what could this mean for you? Simply put, your chances of developing osteoporosis are relatively high.

However, you can certainly take measures to help decrease your chances of living with osteoporosis for any part of your life.

While you cannot rid your body of every factor that could increase your risk for developing osteoporosis (such as genetics, environmental conditions, and so on), you can influence the risk factor by providing your body with something healthy!

Hemp protein powder is a great tool to have in your toolbox because it uses the essential fatty acids to help decrease your risk for osteoporosis.

Essential amino acids and fatty acids are highly effective in combating osteoporosis because they contain GLA and EPA fatty acids that have been found to actually increase bone density.

Therefore, hemp protein powder is a great way to decrease your risk of osteoporosis through the essential fatty acids found in the hemp powder itself.

Cleanses Your Colon

Cleansing your colon may not be on your regular to-do list and we completely understand.

However, that doesn’t mean that cleansing your colon and getting rid of the toxins that build up on their way out are necessarily bad ideas.

One of the greatest benefits of hemp is that the body can easily absorb it and draw in the natural positive effects the hemp can have on a person.

This is because hemp has a high fiber content, which is great for keeping things moving along inside.

Hemp protein powder is also known for keeping constipation at bay and helping your digestive tract moving forward at a regular pace.

When things inside are moving efficiently, your body is able to successfully eliminate toxins from your body!

If a regular colon cleanse is not up your alley, hemp protein powder is a great alternative.

Helps Fight Heart Disease

While it seems that the entire world fighting against you to keep your heart healthy, finding anything you can to help boost your heart health is imperative.

Hemp protein powder has been proven to help fight heart disease due to its high fiber and healthy fats content.

By having high concentrations of both of these elements, hemp protein powder attacks the negative aspects of your body that contribute to increasing your heart disease risks.

Another great thing about hemp protein powder is the amount of amino acid arginine it has.

If you’ve ever heard of someone who has had a heart attack or runs the risk of having one, you may have heard of nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide is a gaseous substance that is released into the blood vessels and causes them to expand.

This is what you want for someone who is experiencing a heart attack as the reason for the heart attack is constricting blood vessels that keep the flow of blood and oxygen from reaching your heart.

Strengthens Your Hair + Conditions Scalp

Not many supplements or protein powders boast the fact that they help condition scalps or strengthen one’s hair. But hemp protein powder does just that.

Nothing is worse than a dry, itchy scalp, right? If you suffer from this condition, you will find hemp protein to be a much-needed reliever.

The hemp seed is known for containing vitamin E, a vitamin that is known for helping condition and smoothes out skin.

You will also find that the presence of omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 fatty acids in hemp protein powder helps give you healthy, shiny hair as well.

The omega-3 fatty acid is also well known for helping improve lackluster hair and reverse the signs of hair loss all in one shot!

Hemp protein can be taken through powder form or through a tablet form so choose which is easiest for you and get your hair back to the healthy status it once had!

Reduces Inflammation

Do you suffer from inflammation that causes pain throughout your body? Luckily for you, hemp protein powder benefits boast the power of reducing inflammation to keep your body pain free.

Because hemp has one of the most ideal ratios of fatty acids to other nutrients compared to other supplements, the ratio helps to reduce inflammation and pain quickly and efficiently.

One of the most painful ailments a person can endure is arthritis and rheumatism—both are inflammation of the joints.

However, a recent study found that by taking hemp protein (a plant-based protein known for containing high amounts of GLA), arthritis and inflammation symptoms decreased by 20% in participants.

Any reduction in inflammation is better than on reduction. Therefore, hemp protein powder should be used to help fight inflammation in the body so that you can live a pain-free, happier life!

Aids Digestion

Some people, like you, may suffer from poor or slowed down digestion. When digestion is affected, the entire body is affected in a negative way.

While some protein powders are good for helping with muscle mass building and other things, they are not considered the best when it comes to helping with digestion.

This is largely, in part, due to their addition of animal products such as lactose in their protein powders.

Because of this, many people suffer from poor digestion.

Even the smallest traces of lactose can cause a great upheaval in your body if your body rejects the presence of lactose at all.

Therefore, it is extremely important that you find a protein powder, such as hemp protein powder, that is free of lactose traces to ease up on your digestion a bit.

The common symptoms of digestive issues related to—but not limited to—lactose intolerance, bloating, gassiness, and pain.

Hemp protein powder does not include lactose in the compound and leaves you with the ability to have your digestive tract move with ease and no pain!

Curbs Hunger Cravings

Nothing hurts worse than ruining a great workout or healthy eating plan like having hunger cravings that just won’t go away!

Sometimes, resisting the urge to give in to the hunger craving completely can be quite difficult.

The good news is there is something that can help curb your hunger cravings!

Hemp protein powder benefits are quite amazing, including the benefit that helps curb hunger cravings.

Hemp protein powder benefits your body by helping it stay fuller longer.

This is due to the fact that hemp itself is high in fiber and we know that fiber is known for helping keep your belly full and happy!

With fiber, you can guarantee that your digestive tract is moving along well and your belly feels fuller longer!

Both of these are win-wins and give you some serious benefits.

Decreased hunger cravings and a highly productive digestive tract can only mean one thing: sustainable weight loss!

Relieves Eczema

Skin conditions such as eczema can range from a slight itch to painful patches of swollen red areas that torture your skin for days.

With the unpredictability of eczema and the unknown cause for the development of many sufferers, finding something that can help treat the symptoms and relieve the itching + painfulness is high on the priority list for some.

Hemp protein powder has been proven to help relieve both of these things, giving sufferers the relief they long for from eczema.

How is this so?

The essential fatty acids found in hemp protein (which seem to be hemp protein powder’s greatest benefit of all) is packed with something that acts like a moisturizer.

Instead of slathering on creams and lotions, hemp protein powder has a built-in moisturizer that helps your skin feel relieved from dryness, itchiness, and overall irritation.

In one Finish study, dermatologists found that patients who took hemp protein over a course of 20 weeks found that their dryness and irritation from eczema cleared up significantly!

While it is proven to work, eczema sufferers will try just about anything to get relief! How can trying hemp protein powder hurt?

Boosts Metabolism

Working out and eating healthy meals is one step to helping get you on the right track health-wise.

But, what happens when your metabolism takes a turn south and slows down considerably?

This can happen due to age, stress, and other environmental factors that may seem out of your control.

But, the hemp protein powder benefits include not only everything we’ve already mentioned but also the fact that it can boost your metabolism naturally!

The plant-based protein powder is known for helping boost your metabolism by helping support your needed protein intake level.

Healthy metabolisms have sufficient protein intake levels, which is exactly what you get when you take a protein powder such as hemp protein (sounds like common sense, right?)

If your body finds itself in a protein deficient state, it will revert to storing whatever protein it does have.

This can cause your metabolism to slow down production speed because it will be on survival mode rather than healthy mode!

Simply put, hemp protein powder benefits your metabolism by giving you the right amount of protein you need to keep your metabolism going!

Increases Energy

Everyone wants to feel more increased energy levels, right? Of course they do! No one likes feeling sluggish throughout the day.

They want to feel energized and ready to take on the world!

Sometimes, though, our bodies default to conserving energy for future use if there is a lack of something else going on in the body.

Hemp protein powder benefits your body by giving your entire system the essential fatty acids it needs to produce carbohydrates that are converted into energy.

Because protein takes longer to break down in your body, you will be able to keep the protein longer which help you feel energized for longer!

As you can see, the hemp protein powder benefits are so incredibly powerful for your body that not taking it would almost be crazy!

With its plant-based and nutrient-packed formula, hemp protein powder users will find nothing but great things during their use!

Trusting what the earth gave us to be powerful enough to create the change we need to see in our bodies is exactly how you will be able to keep a healthy and happy mind, body, and spirit for as long as you live!

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