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How To Find The Best Type Of Protein Powder That Is Available

How To Find The Best Type Of Protein Powder That Is Available

If you are looking to bulk up, you have a few ways to improve your gains. Obviously, there are two main ways to ensure that you don’t have to go through too much difficulty while you are working out, and we will go over them first. These two ways to improve your muscle-building are your diet and your workout regimen.

While we will not go too far into detail about how these factors affect your workout efficiency, most athletes will know the effects of a poor diet or workout plan all too well.

Part of growing as an athlete is learning the best way to optimize your food and beverage intake as well as your plan for exercise.

Today, we are going to be discussing a way to improve your workout that is related to your diet, but it almost occupies a different space. We are going to be looking at the best protein powder that you can invest in. Finding the right brand of protein powder can be hard, but we are here to help you out.

Find The Best Type Of Protein Powder That Is Available

While it may be a little intimidating to find the best protein powder for your needs when you are just getting started with your workout, you will see that it is not as complicated as you may think.

In fact, there are a few factors that should be considered before others when you make your purchase, but we will go over that after our reviews.

Aside from our protein powder reviews, we will also be taking a look at the reasons why you may wish to ensure that you choose the top rated protein powder.

We will save this for after we have completed our reviews, however, so that our readers do not have to go through this supplemental information if they do not feel the need.

There are different types of protein powder which are optimized for various uses. If you want to ensure that you get the best use out of your supplement, you will find that reviews are the best method to ensure that you get a quality product.

Regardless of the particulars, let’s move on to our reviews of the best protein supplements.

Best Protein Powder

To help you make the right purchase, we have compiled a list of some of the best protein powder on the market.

Winner – Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Protein Powder

  • Available in a choice of over 20 flavors (flavor reviewed was double rich chocolate)
  • There are over 24 grams of whey protein in a single serving of this powder
  • Contains 5.5 grams of BCAAs (naturally occurring) and 4 grams of glutamine (naturally occurring)
  • Available in the following container sizes: 1 pound, 2 pounds, 5 pounds, or 10 pounds
  • Easier to mix than other types of protein powder

If you are looking for the best protein powder, this is one of the best options. Optimum Nutrition is widely known as one of the best brands in the market when it comes to ensuring that you get the gains that you need.

This protein powder certainly upholds their reputation as one of the major players in this industry.

While this protein powder can be purchased in any one of over 20 flavors, we tested out the double rich chocolate. The sweetness may have been a little overbearing, but this protein powder is nowhere near as disgusting as some other popular brands.

Depending on your recipe, your shake may not even have a noticeable tang.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100 Whey Protein Pow


The choice of container sizes also allows you to ensure that you get the amount of protein powder that you need. Depending on how often you work out, you may or may not find it necessary to invest in larger volumes of powder at a time.

Not many brands offer 10-pound containers, so if you need more than usual, this is the powder to get.

This protein powder contains over 24 grams of 100% whey protein per serving, so you can rest assured that you are getting everything you need out of every shake that you make.

Keep in mind that this protein contains artificial sweeteners, so you may wish to opt for another powder if you are avoiding them.


Runner Up – BSN SYNTHA 6 Protein Powder

  • Contains around 22 grams of protein for every serving
  • Contains about 5 grams of fiber in every serving
  • Contains 10 grams of essential amino acids in each serving
  • Designed to be versatile and accommodating for all kinds of workout plans
  • This protein powder is made out of quality ingredients
  • Features a more natural flavor than much of the competition

Up next on our list of the best protein supplements which are currently available, we are looking at a powder which is made by BSN. This powder is almost as useful as the Optimum Nutrition powder that we just reviewed, but it has a few fewer options when it comes to flavors.

If you do not care much for flavor, you may find that this is a better choice than the ON powder. While it may not contain as much protein per serving, you will see that this protein powder contains other macronutrients in larger amounts so that it can ensure a more healthy lifestyle.

Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein Powder


We would argue that this powder is less of a protein supplement and more of an overall nutritional supplement. If you want to improve your diet measurably, a great place to start is by investing in protein powder which will help you do so while you work out, as you will likely be working out anyway.

While this protein powder may have fewer flavor options than the competition, each of the available flavor options is quite delicious. If you are choosing your best protein powder based on flavor alone, this product is sure to be a strong contender.

While this may not be the best protein powder overall, it is one of the closest to the top.


Alternative – MusclePharm Combat Protein Powder

  • Features 25 grams of protein per serving for the building of superior muscle mass
  • Features protein which is released over time to ensure maximum effectiveness
  • Features only five grams of carbs per serving
  • This powder is gluten-free so that those avoiding it can consume it
  • Contains a digestive blend which aids with the absorption of this powder
  • This protein powder is optimized for the development of lean muscles

If you want a protein powder which will ensure that you not only grow muscle but lean muscle, then this is the best brand to opt for. While the eye-catching tactical visuals may seem a little dated when you consider how many times they have been used on protein shake containers, you will find that this is an excellent formula.

For example, this powder features a list of ingredients which are free of gluten to ensure that it can be enjoyed by the largest number of athletes.

Speaking of the ingredients, there are only five grams of carbs per serving of this powder, so you won’t have to worry about exceeding your carb intake because of it.

MusclePharm Combat Protein Powder pic


The digestive blend which is worked into this powder is one of its best aspects, as you will no longer have to deal with the bloating and stomach cramps that accompany some other brands. Once you drink a shake made with Combat Powder, you will find it hard to go back to any different brand of powder.

While there are a lot of positives to this powder, there are also some negatives that we should probably discuss. There is nothing too significant, but we found that the choice of flavors is a little bit sparse.

If it were not for this minor downside, you would see this product a little bit higher on the list.


2nd Alternative – Body Fortress Protein Powder

  • Features premium ingredients for easier digestion and superior effectiveness
  • Contains amino acids and creatine for a healthier blend
  • Contains 60 grams of protein per serving for more noticeable gains
  • Contains about 12 grams of BCAAs per serving
  • This powder does not contain aspartame or gluten
  • Includes a recovery blend which aids immensely with muscular regeneration

This protein powder is one of the better varieties for those who want something a little more concentrated. While the trend has edged toward powders that are lower in concentration and higher in volume (over recent years), you will find that there are still some advantages to powder with a high concentration.

While most powders which are heavily concentrated have the disadvantage when it comes to flavor, you will find that this brand is one of the better options in its category.

While the taste of protein is still there, undoubtedly, you will find that it is much better masked in this formula than it is in others.

Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein Powder


This is also a much healthier powder than some of the alternatives. While other types of powders often do not contain any other micro- or macronutrients, since they will cut down on the protein content, this brand instead embraces other nutrients.

For example, each serving contains around 12 grams of BCAAs.

This powder is also healthy for the things it doesn’t include (in addition to the ingredients which are included in the mix).

This powder is free of the artificial sweetener, aspartame, which is in a dubious position when it comes to long-term safety and other side-effects, it is also gluten-free for those with a restrictive diet.


Best Organic Protein Powder

To help you make the right purchase, we have compiled a list of some of the best organic protein powder on the market.

Orgain Organic Protein Powder

  • The container size for this protein powder is just over 2 pounds
  • This protein powder is entirely natural and based off of plant proteins
  • Features a creamy chocolate fudge flavor
  • Contains 21 grams of protein per serving
  • Does not include soy, GMOs, or gluten and it is also kosher
  • Certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

While the other options we have included on this list are valid choices for those who would like a protein powder which is both useful and affordable, this option is a little more specialized.

Unlike the other alternatives, this protein powder is made out of organic ingredients which have been certified by the USDA.

While the container may be a little small for some, weighing in at only two pounds, you will find little else to complain about with this protein powder.

Let’s start with the texture and flavor, the two things that you notice first when you take a sip of any brand of protein powder.

Orgain Organic Protein Powder


This protein powder makes shakes that could be considered irresistible when compared to some of the worse options that we have tried.

The texture is creamy, and you don’t get any of the graininess that you have to deal with when using other types of powders and the flavor is present but not overbearing.

This powder is also free of many ingredients which could complicate the buying process for some users. For example, this powder is kosher as well as gluten-free, ensuring that everyone can use it to bulk up.

Why You Should Choose Your Protein Powder Carefully

You should take care when making any purchase at all. In the case of protein powder, things are a little different, however.

You may have noticed that protein powder is subject to a few more regulations than other product types, and this makes sense since it is a product that you ingest instead of merely using.

As with any product which is meant to be ingested, you will find that any flaws in the process of manufacture can result in the consumer becoming violently ill or even having their lives endangered.

These defects can occur at any point in the manufacturing process, from the sourcing of ingredients to the making of the container.

While it is rare for people to have adverse reactions to protein powder, you should keep in mind that it is indeed possible. If you are trying to avoid any potential health complications, you should stay away from disreputable makers of protein powder and other shady businesses such as retailers or distributors.

While it is crucial to stay away from powder which may be contaminated, you will find that finding the best protein powder for building muscle tends to be less about life and death than it is about effectiveness.

You will want your protein powder to be sufficient enough to work when you need it.

Why You Should Choose Your Protein Powder Carefully

While it is usually relatively easy to tell whether a shady outlet sells a powder, you may find it a little more difficult to know whether one brand of powder is better than another.

This is why our reviews can help you find the best brand of protein powder for your needs since we test every product.

While other products may have a level of quality which is easy to distinguish by merely looking at them or just reading the features, you will find that protein powder is a little more tricky.

If you are trying to determine whether or not a particular brand of protein powder will help you bulk up, you may end up needing a little more help.

This help usually comes in the form of the experience of another person who has made use of that particular brand of protein powder and what they have to tell you. Even then, this is hardly empirical evidence on which you can let your whole workout plan hinge.

If you are trying to avoid using ineffective protein powder for months before realizing that you have been wasting your money on it, reviews are one of your best sources of information.

Since we test our products, you will be hard-pressed to find a better source of information in regards to this topic.

On What To Pay Attention When Choosing Your Protein Powder

Here are some other important factors to consider when choosing your protein powder:


The source of your protein means precisely what you would expect it to when you first read it. A source is where the protein comes from, so certain protein types may be more ideal for specific applications.

While some may assume that all protein is the same, there are subtle differences between different strands.

What is the best protein powder? You may be surprised to learn that no single source of protein is superior to the other options, the best one simply depends on what you need out of your protein powder.

If you are looking to gain muscle as quickly as possible, you will not opt for the same protein type as you would if you are looking for something affordable.


For example, whey is the most common source of protein for most powders. Whey is a type of protein which is created during the fermentation of milk, so it must be separated while it is ripening into cheese.

This protein is affordable and quite common since it is an otherwise worthless byproduct of the making of cheese.

There are other reasons why you may wish to know the source of your protein. For example, whey protein is not a vegan type of protein.

If you want to take a vegan approach to bodybuilding, you may wish to avoid the best whey protein isolate and instead look for a type of protein powder which is made out of rice or soy.

Percentage Of Actual Protein

While it is critical to take the source of your protein into consideration before you make your purchase, you may also wish to take a look at the percentage of protein to be found in your powder.

After all, it will be challenging to promote healthy muscle growth if you do not have the proper protein intake.

Knowing the amount of protein that is entering your body is only the first step, but you will be able to do this if you do not know how much protein you are ingesting in the first place.

Products which have their protein content obscured or otherwise hidden are often not to be trusted, as that shows that they have something to hide.

Percentage Of Actual Protein

Some protein supplements are better suited for specific applications than others, as we have stated previously, and this is the same for protein powders with different protein content.

If your protein powder contains a more substantial measure of protein, you will not have to make shakes which are as big, but there are also disadvantages.

Some of the best protein powders eschew this approach and instead feature a lower concentration or protein but a more significant overall volume of powder for a comparable price.

Having the same amount of protein spread out over more powder helps diminish the sharp taste which is present in some brands.


That point brings us to the next aspect which should be considered when you are buying protein powder, and that element is taste. Since you will be drinking the protein shakes that you make with your powder, you will necessarily be tasting them as well, and you will want to taste something which is at least reasonably enjoyable.

Sacrificing taste for other advantages such as price is often not a good idea, even though it may seem so when you first make your purchase.

It is important to consider that it will be considerably more difficult for you to make use of your protein powder if you can’t even stand the taste in the first place.

Taste of protein powders

Good taste is one of the best ways to ensure that your protein powder gets used instead of sitting in your cupboard collecting dust. The best whey protein powder has just the right balance of price, flavor, and overall effectiveness, packaged into one product.

These three aspects are the most important considerations to make when you are looking for the best protein powder for men or women. Quality protein powder does not distinguish between genders.


As you can see, you have more options that you would imagine when looking for the best protein powder. While it may be difficult to tell the difference between protein powder brands when you are shopping for the ideal options, we hope that our reviews have been able to help you out.



How To Find The Best Possible Pre Workout Supplement For You

How To Find The Best Possible Pre Workout Supplement For You

Of the several different supplement types that you will come across, there are a few that are better choices than others. For example, while protein powder and the protein shakes that you make with it are excellent for your health and will help you with your gains, they are often not specialized enough.

Supplements which are more specialized than others are suited to perform one task. On the other hand, more versatile supplements will be able to do more at once, but they will do each of those things less efficiently than a specialized supplement.

This is only because it is not possible to pack everything you will need into a single container.

While you can’t get a supplement that does everything amazingly, you can invest in the supplements which you need for your workout preferences.

It is critical to consider that everyone works out differently, and you will not have the same preferred supplement as someone else.

Best Possible Pre Workout Supplement For You

Today, we are going to be reviewing five of the best supplements that are available for use before your workout. These pre workout supplements are one of the specialized types that we were just discussing.

Since they are meant to be consumed before an exercise, they will typically give you more of an energy boost.

We have decided to include five different best pre workout supplement reviews because this will make it easier for various customers to find the ideal one for their needs.

As we previously stated, everyone has different ways of working out, so you will want to ensure that your supplement matches your needs comfortably.

What is the best pre workout supplement? It is the one that does what you need it to do. Just because one person chooses a particular supplement, it may not work as well for you as it would for them.

Now that we have covered the basics let’s move on to our list of the top pre workout supplements.

Best Pre Workout Supplement

To help you make the right purchase, we have compiled a list of some of the best pre workout supplement on the market.

Winner – Old School Labs Vintage Blast Supplement

  • This supplement is available in a 305-gram container which equates to around 20 servings
  • This supplement is meant to prevent the formation of a habit when used
  • This product is part of a two-part system that is designed for before and after your workout
  • There are no GMOs or gluten in this workout supplement
  • Features a formula which is vegetarian
  • Increases your energy steadily, instead of making it spike
  • Ensures that you remain hydrated while you work out

Regardless of whether you are looking for the best pre workout for pump improvement, or you want a supplement that is as versatile as possible, this product is your best choice. While it may be a little more expensive than some options, Vintage Blast is an excellent choice.

This supplement is also meant to be as accommodating as possible for its users. If you are vegetarian, you don’t have to worry about any animal products being included in this supplement.

There are also no GMOs or gluten in this formula, so you can still use it if you are avoiding them.

Vintage Blast



One of our favorite parts of this supplement is that it doesn’t cause any spikes and crashes in your energy levels. When you take this supplement, your energy will steadily increase over the course of your workout, and then it will gradually ebb away, eliminating the possibility of a crash.

While this supplement may be part of a two-part system, you will find that it is well-suited for use as a standalone pre workout supplement, as well.

Another positive part of this supplement is that it does not form a habit when it is used. Too many supplements end up making you dependent on them, sometimes to the point that you can’t even work out without using them.

These are only a few of the reasons why we think this is one of the best pre workout supplements ever made.


Runner Up – Cellucor C4 Pre Workout Supplement

  • Every tub of this supplement contains 30 servings and 195 grams
  • The flavor of the reviewed supplement was icy blue razz
  • Uses premium ingredients which guarantees proper quality
  • This formula includes a range of vitamins for improved health
  • Every serving contains 150 mg of anhydrous caffeine
  • Features a more concentrated powder than other options

The pre workout supplement which took second place in our list of reviews was the C4 powder by Cellucor. The 30 servings included in a tub for a reasonable price make this is one of the more affordable options you have when looking for the best pre workout supplement possible.

While the icy blue razz flavor wasn’t much to our liking, we have heard that the fruit punch flavor is much better.

Keep in mind that the taste was still bearable, it was merely less palatable than many other mixtures that we have tried out before.

Cellucor C4 Pre Workout pic



The use of premium ingredients in this product ensures that you will get the best quality for your money. It is rare to find pre workout supplements with quality ingredients in the same price range as this particular product.

For example, the number of vitamins in this supplement is higher than in most competing products.

While this supplement contains caffeine, you will not have to deal with the crash that is common when using caffeinated supplements.

Your energy will be boosted with the same speed as you are used to when drinking caffeine, but the downsides are largely eliminated. Unfortunately, this excludes those who do not consume caffeine from using this supplement.


Alternative 1 – Jacked Factory NITROSURGE Pre Workout Supplement

  • This product keeps you energized, but it doesn’t make you crash
  • This product helps improve your muscle growth
  • Helps improve your focus while you work out
  • The nitrous oxide in this supplement improves your pumps and energy
  • This supplement helps you develop your fat burning capabilities

If you want a supplement that is effective in a wide variety of scenarios, there are few options which are as effective as Nitrosurge. Nitrosurge is better than much of the competition because it uses a new and innovative blend of ingredients to improve your energy levels and your power.

The main ingredient that differs from other supplements is the nitrous oxide which is included in the mixture.

Nitrous oxide helps improve your energy, but that is not the primary use. You will find that nitrous is a great way to enhance your pumps so you can get through your reps much faster.

Jacked Factory NITROSURGE Pre Workout Supplement


This blend is also an excellent choice if you would like to improve your focus while you exercise. Enhanced focus will help you get through the longer workouts without as much difficulty, as you will be able to get into the zone with ease.

If you want a supplement that helps you burn fat faster than some of your other available options, this one is likely one of the superior choices as the formula is made to help burn fat.

This means that this product nearly bridges the gap between a fat burner and a pre workout supplement.


Alternative 2 – Legion Athletics Legion Pulse Pre Workout Supplement

  • All ingredients used in this supplement are 100% natural
  • The energy boost from this product is smooth and even
  • Contains NO boosters to help improve the power of your pumps
  • Contains only natural sweeteners and flavorings
  • Comes included with a 90-day money back guarantee
  • A container holds 21 servings of this supplement
  • Flavor tested: watermelon

We rather enjoyed this pre workout supplement, but it is just too expensive to find a place higher up on our list. This product is available for the same price as others which contain 50% more servings, and we do not think that it has enough advantages to make it worth such a steep price jump.

We would argue that the best part about this supplement is how much it boosts your NO levels compared to other products. If you want the best pre workout supplement for improving pumps and other aspects of your workout that are related to your NO levels, this is a great option.

Legion Pulse


The inclusion of 100% natural ingredients is one of the most impressive parts of this product, as that is rare to find in most pre workout supplements.

When accounting for the inclusion of so many natural ingredients, it makes sense that you will be paying more for this supplement than for most others.

Another impressive decision by the manufacturer of this supplement was to include a money back guarantee with every purchase. 90 days is more than long enough to tell whether or not this supplement will help you improve your gains or give you more energy so you can work out efficiently.

Alternative 3 – Pro Supps Mr. Hyde Pre-Workout Powder

  • Comes in a choice of nine different flavors, we reviewed the cherry bomb flavor
  • The strength matrix improves your pumps and your endurance
  • The caffeine matrix provides a massive boost in energy without having a crash
  • The intensity matrix of this supplement ensures that you remain focused in your workout
  • Every container of this workout supplement contains 30 servings
  • Comes included with a 30-day guarantee that you will be satisfied

Are you looking for a pre workout supplement that immensely improves the amount of energy you have at your disposal when you are just getting started?

There are few options which are better than this powder from Pro Supps. It would not have “intense energy” in the name if that were not the case.

This formula is made up of three primary matrices of ingredients that are each made for a particular purpose. For example, the strength matrix is meant to improve your power over the course of a workout by giving you stronger pumps. However, it also keeps you from getting tired.

prosupps mrhyde


The caffeine matrix is one of the most impressive parts of this mixture as it manages to provide a massive boost of energy without resulting in a crash that will result in you passing out.

The problem with most extreme energy mixes is that the crash is usually unbearable, but the formula is perfected in this product.

The last matrix is the intensity matrix, which is meant to ensure that you remain focused throughout your whole workout, making things go by smoothly and keeping your movements precise.

All three of these matrices come together to make one of our favorite pre workout supplements.

Why You Should Choose Your Pre Workout Supplement Carefully

You may be wondering why it is important to put so much effort into your purchase of the best pre workout supplement possible. You will find that a quality pre workout supplement will work far better than one which is not as optimized.

If you want to ensure that your gains are easy and quick, you will need a supplement which works.

There are many more reasons why you would want to find the best supplement aside from its effectiveness, however.

Keep in mind that bogus supplements can be dangerous and there are also supplements that are put to market containing ingredients which will end up hurting you.

If you are trying to avoid any potential bodily harm, you will want to take care when making your new pre workout supplement purchase.

Since the wrong product can end up damaging your long-term health or even end up resulting in death, this is likely the most critical reason to take into account.

Another reason why you want to ensure that you get the best pre workout supplement is that it will get harder for you to make gains if you do not get the right supplement.

This does not only concern the quality of the ingredients which are used in it but also the type of supplement that it is.

Why You Should Choose Your Pre Workout Supplement Carefully

For example, if you need to improve your energy through a workout, you will want to opt for a pre workout supplement. If you need to enhance your recovery process, however, you will want a post workout supplement.

Both of these supplements are optimized for specific situations, so ensure that you will use them.

Even within different categories, you will find that there are differences between various pre workout supplement brands. For example, if you want a pre workout supplement that will improve your muscle development, you will want it to be high in protein and comparatively low on caffeine.

Aside from choosing the right ingredients, you will also want to ensure that your pre workout supplement is affordable enough for your needs.

While it can be challenging to balance your budget with your needs, this is one of the most integral parts of getting the best pre workout supplement.

On What To Pay Attention When Choosing Your Pre Workout Supplement

Here are some important factors to consider when choosing your pre workout supplement:

Type Of Workout

The first thing that you will want to account for when you decide on the best pre workout supplement is to consider what kind of workout you will be doing.

If you choose a pre workout supplement which is not designed for the exercises that you enjoy, its effectiveness will be significantly diminished.

Other than ensuring that your workout supplement works in the first place, taking a look at the types of workouts that you usually do can even help you find a new supplement that is better.

If you feel like the supplement that you have been using recently is not doing as well as you would like, take a look at what it is formulated for.

Type Of Workout

For example, pre workout supplements that are meant to be used in long, high intensity workouts will provide energy that lasts longer than other supplements.

This increased amount of energy ensures that you will not have to worry about burning out halfway through your workout, no matter how intense.

While you may prefer quick-release pre workout supplements since you feel like they are doing something, you will find that slow-release varieties are superior for lengthy workouts.

Choosing the right supplement for the right workout will also reduce your chance of injury during your exercise, either due to the supplement or due to overexertion.

For example, there is no reason to use a high-intensity pre workout supplement if you are going to be doing a low-intensity workout.

While your chosen workout type can vary from day to day, you do not have to purchase a vast array of workout supplements. If your workout regimen is more varied than the average person’s, you will want to invest in the best pre workout powder for several workouts since they tend to be more versatile.


The choice of ingredients in your pre workout drink is one of the most critical considerations to make. The included ingredients in one of these supplements will have the most significant bearing on whether or not it will end up working for you; they are the building blocks for your chosen supplement.

The choice of ingredients can make or break a supplement, for example, one ingredient can make it easier for you to work out, or it can cause life-threatening complications to ensue.

For example, the ingredient known as ephedra was used in several supplements that were linked to the deaths of some professional athletes.

While you may find it tiring to scan through the ingredients of each pre workout supplement that you decide to purchase, you will just want to keep an eye out for a few ingredients.

It helps to research some of the more popular ingredients which usually make up pre workout supplements.

Ingredients of supplements

The best pre workout powder will depend on its ingredients, and you should look at what you want out of your pre workout supplement. For example, if you prefer an energized workout, you can opt for a supplement that contains taurine, ginseng extract, or vitamin B.

You can also choose to opt for a workout supplement that is made entirely of organic ingredients, if you don’t want it to contain anything that has been synthesized, for any reason.

You should also keep a close eye on the number of carbs that are in a pre workout supplement per serving.

Caffeine Dosage

Caffeine is a point of contention when it comes to any workout supplement, not only the ones which are meant to be used before your workout.

There are many reasons why you would want to include caffeine in your pre workout powder of choice, but there are many reasons why you wouldn’t as well.

For example, since your energy is elevated by caffeine in relatively short order, you will find that it provides an excellent boost when you are just getting started.

Unfortunately, the boost from caffeine doesn’t usually last through the end of the workout, as it is generally processed by sometime around the middle.

Caffeine Dosage

Caffeine is not recommended for use during exercise, as it may result in you getting more dehydrated than otherwise. Since caffeine is a diuretic, it will drain the water from your bloodstream, which is not something which is optimal during exercise, while you are sweating.

You may also find that caffeine is relatively unhealthy, as it may be linked to heart disease and other ailments if it is overused. Aside from whether or not your chosen pre workout supplement contains caffeine in the first place, you will want to take a look at the amount of caffeine which is in every serving.


We hope that we have been able to provide a good range of products for you to choose from. It can be hard to find the best pre workout powder, but our reviews can make it easier.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to let us know what you think down below, and we will try and get back to you.





Our Top 5 Best Fat Burning Supplement

Our Top 5 Best Fat Burning Supplement

If you are looking for a fat burner supplement to help to reach your weight loss goals, the best route to take would be to chose wisely.

Whether you have reached a plateau in your weight loss journey or are working hard towards your fitness goals and are looking to get more muscle definition, supplements specifically meant to treat fat loss can be an excellent way to aid your efforts.


When you are looking to buy the most effective fat burning pills, the choices can seem overwhelming, which is why we have researched all the relevant facts for you.

Some of the fat burning supplements are separated by gender, so we’ll provide you with the information as to which is the best fat burner for men as well as women.

Below we have found five top fat burners, so keep reading to find out which supplements we highly recommend and why.

Our Recommendations

To help you make the right purchase, we have compiled a list of some of the best fat burning supplement on the market.

Winner: Old School Labs Vintage Burn Supplement

Vintage Burn is specially formulated to help burn fat while maintaining muscle mass, which makes it a perfect combination for those serious about losing fat and toning up.

This thermogenic fat burning formula is guaranteed to give you results, or Old School Labs will give your money back. That is some serious devotion to the excellence of product.

  • Made in the USA
  • Made with Plant Extracts
  • Non-GMO
  • Free of Gluten
  • Tested & Certified by Third Parties
  • CGMP Quality Certified

Vintage Burn is backed up by the overwhelmingly positive reviews you can find all over the internet. In fact, Old School vintage is the number one growing supplement manufacturer and provider on Amazon.

Users, both male and female in varying stages of weight loss and muscle definition, are raving over the positive effect of this fat burning supplement.

Old Vintage is committed to positive results and experiences, so much so that if for whatever reason your results are less than expected, they offer a money back guarantee.

Let’s Take A Closer Look: Ingredients

Regarding ingredients, the Old School Labs Vintage Burn Weight Loss Supplement contains elements with strong proven clinical results.

In fact, its mood-boosting ingredients will make the whole workout experience, not just one with positive weight loss results, but also one of a positive mood and enhanced energy.

This supplement includes all the known and effective ingredients you need in a fat burner that will support your diet program.

The green tea leaf extract will increase your resting metabolic rate while at the same time will give your system a powerful antioxidant boost.

The garcinia cambogia will reduce your body’s production of new fat cells while curbing your appetite for carbs, which directly gives you a powerful energy boost to drive your workouts.

Old School Labs Vintage Burn Supplement


Old School Labs prides itself on being a manufacturer that harkens to the Golden Age of fitness since it primarily focuses on building lean muscles opposed to “bulking up” while keeping the customer’s short- and long-term health front and center.

Old School Labs manufactures in the USA and is CGMP certified, which stands for Current Good Manufacturing Practice that is enforced by the FDA.

As a bonus, Old School Labs offers excellent customer support will go a long way in answering any questions you might have. They also offer military and student discounts, so be sure to check their site.


Runner Up: Evlution Nutrition Lean Supplement

While Evlution Lean Mode has an impressive enough list of ingredients, the added benefit of being stimulant free will be especially attractive for people who are prone to jitters.If a strong cup of coffee leaves you with shaking hands, most supplements might not be right for you.

A lot of supplements on the market include a hefty dose of caffeine in their ingredient list. Not so with Evlution Lean Mode.

Most of the reviews for this product attest to just that; the benefits of an efficient fat burner without the jitters and shakes some user experience from other products.

Notably, while the Evlution Lean Mode includes coffee bean extract, it does so from decaffeinated green coffee bean extract. Some notable features:

  • Contains Garcinia Cambogia & Green Tea Leaf Extract
  • Made in the USA
  • Free of Stimulants
  • Amount of CLA Per Serving: 500 milligrams
  • Free of GlutenFat Burner
  • Provides Metabolism Support

Like most good thermogenic fat burners the Evlution Lean Mode contains green tea leaf extract to support an increase metabolic rate as well as adding an essential antioxidant to the system.

The garcinia cambogia extract adds HCA which will aid in the reduction of fat cells and to curb your appetite and intake of carbs.

The added the acetyl-L-carnitine is a substance closely related to the carnitines your body produces naturally. It aids the cells in producing energy by supporting the utilization of fat for fuel.

Evlution Nutrition Lean Supplement


Evlution Lean Mode also contains CLA or conjugated linoleic acid, which is a fatty acid (omega-6) that is commonly found in meats and dairy products.

You’ll know the CLA is doing its job when you start to notice an increased metabolic rate throughout your body.

The CLA will also inhibit the function of enzymes that store fat, so you can expect it to allow the fat to stay in circulation and thus be readily available for your body to use.

Having this ingredient on the list makes this fat burner especially suited for people adhering to low-fat diets or diets that are low in meat and dairy.


Alternative: The Genius Brand Genius Burn Supplement

Boasting a 100% pure ingredient list of tested ingredients the Genius Burn is genuinely a great alternative. Genius burn offers a product that is caffeine free, thanks to the TeaCrine.

TeaCrine is a clinically tested compound that increases mental energy, offering much the same effect as caffeine but safe to use for anyone who is sensitive to caffeine as it doesn’t increase blood pressure. Some notable features:

  • Non-Habit Forming
  • Contains Nine Clinically Backed Ingredients
  • Scientifically Proven to Naturally Reduce Fat
  • Reduces Stress
  • Caffeine Free
  • Includes No Proprietary Blends

Genius Burn is different from other thermogenic fat burners in that it promises to deliver a “2 for 1”, namely increasing mental performance (nootropic) and cognitive abilities while at the same time providing the fat-burning effects you are looking for.

The most notably interesting additional ingredient in this fat burning supplement is the Ashwagandha, also known as “Indian ginseng”.

This is a compound well-known in the Ayurvedic healing sphere for its restorative benefits and has been long used to combat symptoms of stress and fatigue.

Genius Burn pic

The L-Theanine further enhances this effect, as it is believed to induce a relaxing effect without causing any drowsiness. As a side note, this ingredient has also believed to have immunologic properties that come in handy when you’re entering the recovery phase of your workout.

Combining this with Cognizin, an ingredient naturally occurring in the body that promotes brain vascular health and Alpha CPG (which is extracted from purified soy lecithin) which encourages memory and protects against brain aging, Genius Burn promises to deliver on the genius.

The Genius Brand commitment to high-quality ingredients and compounds mean that they focus on 100% natural products that don’t contain filler, dyes, artificial flavors or sweeteners.


2nd Alternative: Cellucor SuperHD Fat Burners Supplement

Cellucor SuperHD, which has been a top seller for a couple of years, promises to give you results “from all angles.” In fact, it promises to promote muscle definition so you can see yourself in High Definition, hence the name.

Cellucor SuperHD achieves this by being a powerful thermogenic while at the same time including ingredients that boost focus and motivation and support high levels of energy.

Cellucor, which has more than 15 years in the market, is making true on this promise. The proof is available for you since there are countless reviews by users attesting to the fact that Cellucor SuperHD was especially helpful in keeping energy levels up and appetite down.

  • Contains Fast-performing Nootropics
  • Boosts Energy Levels
  • Increases Metabolism
  • Helps with Appetite Control
  • Thermogenic
  • Comes with Stimulants
  • Five Available Sizes

Cellucor SuperHD differentiates itself by being a fat burning supplement that, not only provides thermogenic properties that aid in fat loss but also contains ingredients that help boost positive attitudes and high energy levels.

This fat burning supplement aims to affect both your body and mind positively.

The ingredients can be divided into a metabolism and a mood enhancing category, which includes both Vitamin B6 and B12. Both of these vitamins primarily function to promote metabolic health while at the same time enhancing mood.

The green tea leaf extract is proven to aid in fat loss through a thermogenic effect, and the caffeine similarly stimulates metabolism and while simultaneously providing high levels of energy.

Cellucor SuperHD Fat Burners Supplement


The Slimpro (a registered trademark of Cellucor) a protein derived from fish, naturally increase the production of hormones that control appetite aiding in the feeling of satiety and so provides a useful ally for weight reductions.

By adding Indian gooseberry, Cellucor Super HD helps support mental clarity: concentration and focus. The toothed clubmoss meanwhile is a source of huperzine-A, which is a compound linked to memory and concentration.

3rd Alternative: Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts Fat Burner Supplement

If the name and packaging didn’t already you clue you in, this fat burning supplement is mostly geared towards men. Specifically men serious about bodybuilding and achieving optimal shredding.

Animal Cuts is produced by Universal Nutrition, who have been manufacturing supplements targeted towards competitive bodybuilders and athletes since the 1970’s. This means you as a buyer shouldn’t be surprised that this supplement is not suitable for the average Joe.

In fact, Animal Cuts should only be taken by athletes and bodybuilders whose primary goal is both absolute shred and maximum cut in regards to muscle formation.

If you are not in this category, then this supplement might be too powerful for you and increase the chances of side effects.

  • Contains 8 Powerful Weight Loss Complexes
  • Comes with Nootropic Complex & Water Shedding Complex
  • Needs to be Taken Twice a Day
  • Includes Stimulants

Animal Cuts boast the longest list of ingredients of any of our recommended supplements. In fact, the labeled ingredients are grouped into 8 compounds specifically designed to aid in achieving eight different results.

The ingredients go as follows, Stimulant Complex, Metabolic Complex, Thyroid Complex, Water Shedding Complex, Nootropic Complex, Cortisol Inhibiting Complex, CCK Boosting Complex, and Bioavailability Complex.

While the list of ingredients is too long to go into length over them here, suffice to say that the main selling points of this supplement are the powerful thermogenic and diuretic ingredients, which have been shown to aid in the shedding of fat and water.

Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts Fat Burner Supplement

The Yerba Mate, Kola Nut, and Caffeine are strong stimulating ingredients that have a thermogenic effect while Dandelion and Celery are well-known diuretics.

The CCK Boosting Compound will help reduce appetite, while the cortisol inhibiting compounds help preserve lean muscle mass and reduce stress.

The nootropics compounds are included in the supplement will support mental dexterity, helping you stay focused on the workouts.

With all these ingredients it’s no surprise the Animal Cuts doesn’t just have pills, it has packs as well as pills.

With one pack to be taken in the morning and another in the afternoon. In short, Animal Cuts is a powerful fat burner that doesn’t cut any corners.

Why & How To Choose Fat Burning Supplements Carefully?

Fat burning supplements are arguably the most controversial supplements out there. Driven by the temptation to find a “quick fix” to achieving fat loss goals, many supplements have emerged that are either useless or even downright harmful.

It’s important to sort through them, since often alluring advertising to discern the scams from the quality supplements that will have a positive effect.

When you are on a journey to achieve weight loss, an effective fat burner can go a long way to helping you achieve your goals.

However, you must keep in mind that any and all fat burning supplements are just that, supplements. Even the best fat burning supplements will help you exactly zero if you keep living a sedentary lifestyle and eating whatever you want.

The top fat burners are aids to an already functioning fat loss strategy that consists of healthy eating and exercise that includes both cardio and muscle building.

Why & How To Choose Fat Burning Supplements Carefully

In fact, fat burning supplements should help you curb appetite, increase your metabolic rate and increase the potential of your workouts by helping you maintain high energy levels and focus.

When choosing which fat burner to buy, make sure your decision is based on the ingredients and not in the packaging since the packaging will not help you lose fat.

You want to opt for the best weight loss products that contain proven thermogenic ingredients, which merely means ingredients that function to increase metabolism by causing a spike in your body’s temperature.

Opt for effective fat burners that include clinically proven ingredients and come from reputable manufacturers. Don’t be fooled by the advertising of potentially non-functional products and always consult your doctor before you decide on supplements for fat loss.

Ingredients To Look Out For

While each supplement manufacturer will have a proprietary formula and mix of ingredients, here is a helpful list of ingredients you can look out for.

Green Tea Leaf Extrac

There are few thermogenic ingredients out there as tested and proven as green tea. Green tea leaf extract will help you lose weight by limiting fat absorption and increasing body temperature.

The active compound in green tea extract is epigallocatechin-3-gallate or, as it is more commonly known, EGCG. EGCG is a triggers enzymes in cells to release their stored fat and increase the fat used (as opposed to day sugars) for energy.

Green Tea

In other words, it reduces the ability to absorb fat while at the same time enhancing the body’s ability to process and use fat.

Garcinia Cambogia

A pumpkin-shaped fruit native to Indonesia is a powerful aid to weight loss. The active compound here is hydroxy-citric acid, commonly known as HCA and it promotes weight loss in two ways.

First, it inhibits the production of fat in the body by keeping the enzyme citrate lyase from making fat out of carbohydrates.

Secondly, it aids in weight loss by suppressing appetite due to low serotonin levels.

It does this by increasing the levels of serotonin, thus enhancing mood and reducing anxiety and stress, which drive a lot of people who eat emotionally.


The Guarana is a small bean predominantly found in the Amazon jungle of South America. Guarana’s contribution to weight loss can be mostly attributed to the caffeine content of the bean.


In fact, guarana is known to have the highest caffeine content of all plants (up to 7%). Caffeine contributes to weight loss by suppressing appetite, increasing heart rate while at the same time providing energy and being a diuretic (promotes the elimination of excess water through urination).


Not to be confused with ephedrine alkaloids (which were banned by the FA in 2004) is a compound derived from a shrub native to China that has been used in Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years.

While there is a lot of controversy over ephedrine (alkaloids) and ephedra, there is no arguing that the stimulating effects of these compounds (and other found in the same plant) are very potent.

In fact, some have even called it “an advanced form of green tea extract”.

Reputable manufacturers have been synthesizing and creating compounds that include the safe ephedrine and new ingredients meant to replace the banned ephedrine.

Due to the potency of these ingredients, it is vital you properly research so you can ensure you are buying supplements from reputable manufacturers.

Possible Side Effects Of Fat Burning Supplements

Since every single one of the best fat burning pills have a unique composition, the effects can be just as varied as the number of fat burners available.

There are however a couple of side effects that are more general and that you need to look out for.

As with all supplements, you need to use your best common sense and consult a physician if you experience any adverse side effect that worries you, especially if you are going to combine fat burners with other supplements or medications.


Because many fat burning supplements have an energy increasing effect, you should always take them in combination with an active lifestyle that includes regular exercise and training.

If this extra store of energy is not used up, it can cause heightened levels of anxiety which can be further exacerbated by high caffeine levels.


Caffeine is a powerful thermogenic and proven to aid in weight loss. It is no wonder then that a lot of fat burners contain high levels of caffeine.

It is recommended you don’t take any supplements with high doses of caffeine after 2 pm, as it can interrupt your sleep cycle and cause you to have trouble sleeping.

Alarm clock on night table


As we have seen, most top fat burners will have a thermogenic effect, meaning they will promote an increase in your body’s core temperature. So be prepared to sweat more during exercise.

Some fat burners even have diuretic ingredients that will stimulate your body’s ability to get rid of excess water through urination. It should go without saying that you must keep an extra vigilant eye on your hydration while taking fat burning supplements.

High Blood Pressure

Since fat burners seek to affects the metabolism by producing a thermogenic effect; they increase blood pressure. Obviously, those individuals with heart conditions or high blood pressure should avoid using high energy fat burning supplements.

Blood pressure measuring studio shot

No Effect At All

The human metabolism is a complex system that involves a myriad of factors, and each can react differently to fat burning supplements and stimulants. If you do not see the results you expect, try switching to a different weight loss aid or supplement.

And as always, women who are considering getting pregnant, are pregnant, or nursing should always consult a physician before using any supplements or medication.


If you are looking for the best thermogenic fat burner, we recommend choosing Vintage Burn by Old School Labs as being the first choice winner and Evolution Lean Mode coming in at a close second.

These fat burners contain ingredients that have been clinically proven to aid the natural fat burning process of your body while offering very enticing extra benefits that are sure to win you over.

Both come from established manufacturers and have received excellent user reviews.

Genius Burn and Cellucor SuperHD are good alternatives, both including thermogenic ingredients and added mood enhancers or nootropics to give your fat loss journey an extra boost of focus, mental agility, and energy.

While Animal Cuts is not for everyone, it is a powerful supplement guaranteed to give competitive bodybuilders and serious athletes looking to achieve maximum cut the boost they need to achieve their goals.