The Five Natural Protein Sources You Should Know About

Everyone wants to experience their ideal physique. For many, it has a well-chiseled body that is capable of performing both practically and aesthetically for their purposes.

Many go to the gym, choosing to lift random objects, at random intervals and quickly become exhausted or frustrated quickly.

Your body is like a car, without the proper fuel for the purpose you are trying to achieve, you’ll never reach your target. If you are trying to:

  • Have a more firm body
  • Have a more youthful appearance
  • Become stronger or faster
  • Be able to have better coordination and power during athletic activities

You will need not only to train correctly but eat appropriately. Protein after water is one of the most critical components of crafting a diet that not only will help your body not break down, but also progress.

Protein is mostly the building blocks of your muscles; it’s the product by which your muscles can repair themselves, and strengthen over time.

Word Protein

Without a proper intake of protein that is compatible with your weight and workout plans, you simply won’t see results.

If you are having trouble figuring out which foods will give you the best protein output with other additional benefits without harming your workout, consider some of the below options:

  • Milk
  • Black Beans
  • Eggs
  • Beef
  • Chicken (And Other White Meat)

Every one of these foods packs a lot of protein and when ingested correctly will go a long way to helping ensure that your body burns calories after your workouts are done and make sure that you aren’t getting weaker instead of stronger.

Many men and women only need half their body weight in protein, especially when doing low-intensity exercises or long distance training.

If your workout requires a high amount of protein, but you’re trying to find the best ways to build your diet plan, look no further.


One of the oldest techniques for gaining massive amounts of muscle is to ingest gallons of milk to put on weight. While milk and many dairy products are great sources of protein, one of the worst ways to do it is to overindulge.

Milk comes with the benefit of having two other vitamins that are essential for strengthening the body, namely Calcium and Vitamin D.

Calcium is a great addition to have especially during workouts because it stores itself primarily in bones, which causes them to be more break resistant and stronger in general.

Calcium also influences muscle tissue as well.

This means in addition to having an improved frame and increasing your bone’s capacity to handle the greater weight; the vitamin D makes it easier for your body to utilize the nutrients your body is processing, improving the quality of your overall physique in the long term.

Black Beans

Black beans are another source of protein that ranks high on this list. It is easy to incorporate into a variety of diets and is suited to those that live a vegan, vegetarian, or pescatarian lifestyle that needs an accessible source of high amounts of protein.

A few black beans have been shown to have the same amount of protein as an entire quarter pound of beef.

Bowl Full Of Black Beans

This means that in addition to being easy for the body to process, it is a much more convenient food too quickly cook and enjoy without having to deal with the consequences of saturated and unsaturated fats as long as you monitor your recipe.


If you’ve seen any fitness movie or montage of the past thirty years, chances are you’ve seen the main character ingest a cup of raw eggs at the behest of their trainer.

While you don’t have to eat them raw, egg whites are a potent source of protein that perfectly fits into most diets without being too heavy.

Eggs are cheap, but it’s important to try and get purchase organic eggs so that you get the highest quality with the lowest contaminants.

Eggs are great quick breakfast items for protein as well as snacks throughout the day as long as the yolk is removed due to its fat content.

If fat isn’t a concern and you are working on a dirty bulk, enjoy.

One boiled egg can be packed away with your lunch if prepped in advance and has as much as 13 grams of protein per serving, meaning they’re an easy way to load up on precious protein.


Both are delectable due to the variant range of recipes that can be made from these two choice types of large protein sources.

Beef has the drawback of being heavy on the body and requires almost four times as much effort by the stomach to process its nutrients and protein in comparison to lighter vegetable-based options.


Chicken is more natural to eat on a long-term basis due to how easy it is to incorporate into everything from breakfast omelets to Caesar salads to being consumed whole. A few ounces of chicken can have up to almost 40 grams of protein.

Raw Chicken Breast

Chicken is more comfortable than beef for the body to process and has a much lower fat content. It also requires less sodium to prepare with most dishes, making it the obvious healthier option of the two.

In Closing

These are only a few of the massive amount of protein-heavy foods that are available. Whichever source you decide to settle on, pick one that works with your culinary choices, and that you know you can work with on a long-term basis without straying.

You don’t have to suffer to get protein, as the options are plentiful.

Where do you get your protein? Leave a comment below.






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