Old School Labs Vintage Blast Supplement Review

Old School Labs Vintage Blast Supplement Review

Of the many supplements that you can find available for purchase, the one that you choose depends on your needs and your diet more than anything. Before getting to our review, let’s take a look at some things that are crucial to consider before you end up making your purchase, feel free to skip ahead if you have already purchased a supplement.

For example, if you are feeling weak or unhealthy and you would like to improve your body in a simple way, you should invest in vitamin supplements.

These supplements contain vitamins (as you may have guessed from their name) which are necessary for a healthy life but are not always consumed.

If you are trying to lose weight, you will want to opt for a weight loss supplement, but it is essential to consider the differences between a weight loss supplement and a fat burner.

Where a weight loss supplement will typically reduce your weight across all parts of your body, a fat burner will only minimize fat.

Vintage Blast

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You may be wondering why you want to target a specific weight source. You will find that fat burners are ideal for athletes who are in the final stage of their training and they would like to tone their muscle mass.

These options are used by those who are training as well as those who would want to lose weight.

If you would like to improve the quality of your workout, you have a few options. You can opt for a protein shake, which does most of the work after you are done working out, providing the protein needed to rebuild your torn muscle fibers.

The other option is the pre-workout supplement, that which we will be looking at today.

A pre-workout supplement is usually designed to ensure that the workout itself goes more smoothly than the recovery process, which is the domain of the protein shake.

Energy Increase

One of the most important things to measure in a supplement which is designed to be used before your workout is the amount of energy that it gives you for the next workout.

This is one of the primary reasons why these supplements are so popular, and it is only increasing from this point on.

There are so many ingredients that could be included in your pre-workout supplement that is capable of increasing your energy levels.

Of course, the most common option is caffeine, as it is relatively affordable and many people are acquainted with it, but many high-end brands are phasing it out.


While caffeine may seem ideal because of the temporary energy boost that you get out of it, you will find that it is not the best substance that you could ingest before exerting yourself.

Caffeine is a diuretic, which reduces the amount of water in your body, which is not healthy when coupled with heavy sweating (such as during a workout).

Regardless of the included ingredients (which are usually somewhat secretive), you will find that an energy boost is usually one of the building blocks of a proper supplement.

Keep in mind that these supplements do far more than merely improving your energy.

About The Product

  • Comes in a 305-gram container that provides around 20 servings
  • This product does not form a dependency when it is used
  • Part of a two-part pre- and post-workout system by Old School Labs
  • Does not contain GMOs or gluten and it is vegetarian
  • Does not cause energy spikes, instead gradually increasing your energy levels
  • Helps keep you hydrated over the course of your workout

This pre-workout supplement is made by Old School Labs, one of the finest makers of workout supplements in America.

It is part of a system which contains a pre-workout supplement and one which is made for use after your workout.


We don’t know where to start with this supplement. Even if you decide to take it alone, you will find that the first part of this two-stage system is an excellent supplement for use before a workout.

This supplement helps keep you hydrated over the course of long workouts, which is a difficult feat to accomplish.

Unlike other products, the energy that you derive from this pre-workout supplement will not make you crash halfway through your exercise routine.

When this happens, it feels like you are fighting an uphill battle to ensure that you can get through your workout and enjoy a short period of rest.

Old School Labs Vintage Blast

This is also an accommodating supplement, as it is free of any GMOs or gluten in addition to being friendly for vegetarians.

If you are struggling to find the best supplement for your needs, you will have few issues with this product.

Out of every supplement made by Old School Labs, we would argue that Vintage Blast is our favorite.

What Others Say

We have also gone over some of the customer reviews for this product to see if we perhaps missed anything during our review.

Most of what we said about this product rings true, but we also found out that it works faster in promoting long-term gains than it does when it is only used for a short period.

While there are not many negatives, a few reviews stood out to us thanks to their prevalence.

None of these reviews were very pertinent, however, as they mostly criticised the packaging for looking a little cheap.

Buying Advice

Speaking of cheap, some would argue that this pre-workout supplement fails when it comes to pricing. While some supplements are priced similarly, they usually contain more servings.

It is true, however, that Vintage Blast is still one of the best choices. You can find this supplement for around 40 dollars.

Final Verdict

If you want the best pre-workout supplement possible, there are few options that are more effective than Vintage Blast from Old School Labs.

Through a combination of a high energy boost and improved recovery times, you will find that this product is ideally suited for a wide range of customers.

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