5 Benefits Of Pre Workout Supplements

If you’re a novice gym goer trying to start a new workout regimen, motivating yourself to go to the gym can be virtually impossible. However, using a pre workout supplement is a great idea if you’re unable to exercise after a long day.

Today, we’ll look at 5 main benefits when taking pre workout supplements before heavy lifting or a treadmill exercise.

You’ll learn how to incorporate supplements into your daily diet and a few extra tips to improve your muscle growth by at least 40%.

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Our main goal is to give you the information needed to utilize pre workout supplements to your advantage.

Continue reading if you’re serious about achieving lean muscle and using pre workout supplements to aid you during your intense workout plan.

Increased Workout Efficiency And Performance

The whole point of pre workout supplements is to improve your ability to train more efficiently. Whether your goal is to lose weight or gain muscle, pre workout supplements help you exercise at your maximum performance.

It does this by making sure that you’re focused, you feel great, and you have the power, stamina, and energy to complete your workout. Having pre workout supplements aid you in getting in those few extra reps during an intensive training session.

Faster Muscle Recovery

Even though they are consumed before a workout, pre workout supplements help you recover quickly afterward. Almost every gym-goer and athlete knows that working out until muscle failure is the best way to receive quick gains.

However, doing this will keep your body sore and unable to workout properly. Supplement ingredients such as creatine monohydrate and caffeine increases your insulin and glucose levels and reduce muscle soreness.

As a result, your muscles will heal and recover faster.

You’re Receiving More Energy Than Caffeine

Some pre workout formulas are made entirely of caffeine. However, most supplements consist of a combination of nutrients such as amino acids, Vitamin B, electrolytes, and creatine monohydrate.

Each of these nutrients is used in sports nutrition, but it’s convenient and helpful to have them in one simple supplement. For example, your body needs amino acids to repair and build muscles.

And, it needs a balance of electrolytes since they are lost through dehydrating stimulants and sweat.

Increased Power

A good pre workout drink or vitamin will feed your body creatine monohydrate, another important ingredient for endurance, muscle strength, and lean muscle mass.

Another ingredient that’s used is beta-alanine which prevents temporary muscle fatigue and retardation.

Note: A great source is whey protein which can be used before your workout. Its fast absorption rate is proven to prevent muscle breakdown, increase the rate of muscle protein synthesis, and have higher insulin levels.

Improved Focus

Pre-workout supplements are beneficial through feeding our bodies caffeine (a necessary ingredient in pre workout supplements), and a proven and reliable energy booster.

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Additional ingredients such as choline bitartrate and L-tyrosine support your sensory capabilities. As a result, pre workout supplements help you improve both your mental and physical functions.

Additional Benefits

Most of the pre workout supplements come with extra supplements that boost your next physical activity. Sometimes, a pre workout will contain BCAA supplements. BCAA is an acronym for Branched Chain Amino Acids.

BCAAs are essential for helping your body recover from a workout and aid in muscle growth. It doesn’t matter if your exercise routine is anaerobic or cardiovascular in nature.

Your pre workout supplements can have extra ingredients such as vasodilators and creatine, which have additional benefits for sports athletes.

How Pre Workout Supplements Affect Your Workout?

Think of Pre Workout supplements as boosts to your daily exercise. Without them, and your body will tire out faster; reducing the utility of your workout.

They provide the extra stamina, energy, and enhances the functionality of your muscles.

When working out, you’ll notice more energy to complete intensive exercises. On average, pre workout supplements increase athlete’s stamina by at least 40%, giving them the power they need to lift heavy weights and complete extra reps in their routine.

Remember, you’ll have to use water when taking pre workout supplements. Water keeps you hydrated and allows the supplements to transport its nutrients throughout your body quickly.

Thus, most pre workout supplements will have a positive effect on your workout and will help you reach your fitness goals faster.

Proper Dosage

You have a limited window to take pre workout supplements before exercising. To achieve good results, you’ll have to take the supplement 30 minutes before you enter the gym.

This is because of two reasons:

  • This gives the supplement enough time to enter your bloodstream
  • Your body burns through these strength, pump, and energy producing nutrients when they’re available

Therefore, taking pre workout supplements 15-30 minutes before lifting weights gives your body enough time for absorption.

This absorption period is then followed by a few hours of ‘performance overdrive’ that you can make use in the gym.

In reality, to gain the most out of your pre workout supplement, you have to drink a large amount of water, and remain hydrated throughout your lift.

Why Do I Need Pre Workout Supplements In The First Place?

Energy plays an important role during your workouts. While you can exercise without pre workout supplements, chances are you’ll quickly lose the energy in between your sets.

Making Protein Shake

Additionally, you need to be mentally prepared and focused before you enter the gym. Taking a pre workout supplement such as a protein shake will help you stay focused and ready to complete your workout.


It doesn’t matter how strong or athletic you are; pre workout supplements were designed to help you get the most out of your exercise. But you have to use them correctly.

Make sure you use them 30 minutes before lifting to ensure that you’ll have the energy needed to complete your exercise routine. Ultimately, use pre workout supplements to get your body pumped up for the gym and gain lean mass faster than normal.

Do you have any questions using pre workout supplements?

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