Vega Protein Review: The Real Plant-Based Protein Powder

Vega Protein Review: The Real Plant-Based Protein Powder


Many men and women who are avid athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness training experts supplement their daily nutrition with a protein powder.

Protein powders, protein supplements, and other nutrition-enhancing and muscle-building products have proven to deliver essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that help build lean muscle mass and even aid in muscle repair and recovery, maximizing strength training performance.

Out of the hundreds of products available on the market today, what plant-based protein powder is the best? Vega Protein it is, for us!

Vega Sport Protein Powder


We did our own research and discovered that Vega Sport PerformanceProtein Powder was our favorite.

We chose Vega Sport vegan protein powder because it is a high-quality, pure, clean and premium vegan protein that is rich in vitamins, minerals, BCAAs, hemp protein, probiotics and is also a certified vegan protein and a non-GMO product.

And the best parts? It tastes great, it feels great, and it’s also easy on the wallet.


Most protein powders are made from animal foods, which contain naturally higher levels of protein than most plants.

However, what are individuals who prefer to get their protein from plant-based sources or those who are looking for a vegan protein supposed to do?

The good news is that there are also a number of plant-based protein powders or vegan protein powders available on the market today, and that deliver the same results as any other animal-based protein powder.

Most individuals who prefer to use a vegan protein supplement are concerned that they won’t get the full nutrition, protein, vitamins and minerals as one would see in an animal-based protein product.

Most animal-based protein products are made with meat or poultry, egg, whey and casein. However, that is what makes Vega Protein Sport different from other protein supplements and protein powders.

Vega Performance Protein is made from pea protein, hemp protein, pumpkin seed protein and sunflower seed protein to deliver a true, clean, and pure plant-based protein supplement.

In fact, Vega Sport vegan protein supplement provides up to 50 percent of the daily dose of vegetables, vitamins, and minerals in a single serving, which also makes it a great meal replacement option that individuals can easily whip up and take with them on the go.

Even if you have selected what you believe is a premium and truly vegan protein supplement, have you taken a look at the ingredients?

Many products claim to be a pure and vegan protein  product, however, they are also packed with additives, artificial sweeteners, colors and flavoring, which take away from the overall nutrition and efficacy of the vegan protein product.

This is another reason why we chose to review Vega Sport Performance protein powder in greater detail.

After reviewing the ingredients in this vegan protein supplement, we discovered that Vega Sport Performance protein powder is a certified vegan protein powder, a non-GMO product, and is gluten and dairy free.

There are virtually no additives, artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors, making it truly a great-tasting, effective, safe, and high-quality vegan protein powder.Want to learn more about animal-based protein powders and plant-based protein powders?

Read on for an in-depth look at Vega Sport Performance Protein Powder, and what makes it truly a clean and premium vegan protein supplement that maximizes muscle growth and performance.


The Best Performance Protein Powder

Vega Sport Performance Protein Powder: A Detailed Analysis

Vega Sport Performance Protein Powder is unlike other protein powders that can be found on the market today. Many protein powders are often animal based, since most animal food products naturally contain high amounts of protein.

Vega Sport Protein Powder


However, Vega Sport protein powder is a plant-based protein powder that is made with real food ingredients, and 20 grams of premium, plant-based protein derived from peas, hemp, and flax seeds.

Product Claims

Vega Sport Performance protein powder is a high-quality performance product that delivers a whopping 30 grams of completely pure plant protein, which is higher than some other products, including animal-based protein products.

The premium plant-based protein blend is designed to help maximize sports performance as well as build and repair muscles.

Vega Sport Protein claims to be the solution for leveling up your post-workout protein game in a simple shake. Vega Sport Protein also claims to provide users with an easy-to-make protein shake for individuals who are constantly on the go.

How Does Vega Sport Protein Work?

Vega Sport Protein claims to be the solution for leveling up your post-workout protein game in a simple shake. Vega Sport Protein also claims to provide users with an easy-to-make protein shake for individuals who are constantly on the go.

Vega Sport packs their protein products with the maximum amount of protein from high-quality plant-based sources. Each serving of Vega Sport protein powder delivers six grams of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), over 1 billion CFU probiotics (bacillus coagulans), and 50 percent of the average daily intake of broccoli, kale, spirulina, strawberries and many other essential vitamins and minerals.

Because Vega Sport protein powder makes a highly nutritional shake, users can easily use Vega Sport as a meal replacement option that doesn’t starve the body.

The pure plant-based Vega Sport formula also contains the following rich and natural ingredients:

  • Pea protein
  • Pumpkin Seed protein
  • Organic sunflower seed protein
  • Alfalfa protein
  • Tart cherry
  • Probiotics
  • Bromelain
  • Turmeric extract
  • Black pepper extract

Although there is some controversy and mixed opinions surrounding the use of natural versus artificial sweeteners in many protein powder products, Vega Sport Protein contains less than 2 percent of sea salt, natural flavors, Stevia extract and Xanthan gum.

Vega Sport Performance protein powder is easy to mix into any shake or smoothie. Simply blend a scoop or two of Vega Sport Performance protein powder into water or milk, and consume between 45 and 90 minutes after a workout. Vega Sport protein powder also mixes well with non-dairy milk.

Vega Sport Performance protein powder is also available in vanilla, chocolate, mocha or berry flavors. The most popular flavor among customers is Vanilla. In fact, the vanilla flavor has been given the “Amazon’s Choice” label.


Now that you know more about Vega Sport Performance protein, and are likely weighing the pros and cons of whether or not it is the best protein powder choice for you, what about the cost?

Vega Sport Protein Powder


Depending on the brand, the quality of ingredients, and the amount of protein per serving, the cost of a true protein powder can vary.

After reviewing Vega Sport Performance protein powder, we determined that the price is pretty average. A large tub of Vega Sport Performance protein powder, which is a one-pound tub is priced at approximately $37 to $38 on Amazon.

There is also a 12 count box available, which is priced at approximately $22 to $23; a XL tub, priced at $79.99, and a sample size available for only $5.59. Prices will also vary according to flavor.

Vega Sport Performance protein powder and other Vega products are also available on the official Vega website and also in retail stores. However, prices can and will vary.

So, whether Vega Sport Performance protein powder has become your primary protein powder of choice or if you are trying it for the first time, there are various sizes available and priced accordingly.

Conclusion: Vega Protein Sport Review

In addition to looking at the Vega brand, its protein powder products, the ingredients and sources, how it is made and customer reviews, we have to agree that Vega Protein is one of the best plant-based protein powders available.

Customers also agree. For example, the large tub of vanilla Vega Protein received over 1100 positive customer reviews. In fact, 60 percent of customers gave Vega Protein a five-star rating.

Of course, customer reviews and ratings will vary with different flavors and sizes. This is to be expected since each individual has his or her own taste preferences.

We also took a look at the customer reviews on the official Vega website, and 80 percent of customers would recommend the Vega Protein products to a friend.

Finally, if you are looking for a purely vegetarian protein powder to whip up a great-tasting nutritional shake, then Vega Protein might be your answer.

Vega Protein is made with plant-based protein, probiotics, BCAAs and everything you need to help build and develop muscles as well as repair muscles after an intense workout.


Are Plant-Based Protein Powders Good for You?

Now that you understand a bit more about what goes into a plant-based protein powder, are they actually good for you?

Do they actually help build muscle mass?

Firstly, it’s important to consider any allergies. If you have a gluten allergy or dairy allergy, then you are likely already on a plant-based diet. Therefore, consider avoiding plant-based protein powders that contain wheat, soy or milk products.


Not All Plant-Based Protein Powders Are Created Equal

Although Vega Sport Performance Protein Powder is a vegan supplement, not all plant-based proteins are purely vegan.

So, it’s important to read the food labels, warnings, and instructions before purchasing or trying any plant-based protein powders.

Hexane and High Heat Additionally, many plant-based protein powders are made with hexane, which is a chemical method used to extract oil from the protein sources.

Traces of hexane can actually cause damage to the central nervous system. Some plant-based protein powders also use high heat methods to extract the essential oils and plant proteins, however, these methods usually damage the proteins, nutrients, and vitamins one would get from these natural sources.

Not So “Natural” FlavorsOne of our favorite ingredients is “natural flavors”. And by “favorites” we mean our least favorite. According to the FDA, companies are allowed to use this ingredient as long as at least one ingredient derives from a natural source.

However, companies can also use the ingredient “natural flavors” to also “hide” other potentially harmful and hazardous ingredients from its users. One of the most common ingredients that are often found within the “natural flavors” label is “genetically modified” or “GMO”. This is one reason Vega Sport Performance Protein Powder is a certified non-GMO product.

So, all of its ingredients are 100 percent pure and natural. Really natural.GMO – Additionally, another common GMO ingredient is Maltodextrin. Maltodextrin is a common additive that is generated from GMO corn.

This particular ingredient is usually added to help make certain products and powders mix easier. The same goes for Xanthan gum. This is another ingredient that helps products mix easier and into a smoother consistency and texture.

Although there really isn’t any unsafe about Xanthan gum, it can be a laxative for some individuals.

Now that you know what to look for before purchasing a plant-based protein powder, it’s also worth mentioning that plant-based protein powders that use enzyme methods are safer, as these methods involve using enzymes to naturally sprout plants to remove the proteins, such as pea protein, hemp protein, and protein from sunflower oil, for example.


Is a Plant-Based Protein Powder As Good As Whey Protein?

Most would assume that whey protein is a better source of protein when compared with plant-based protein. However, this may not necessarily be the case.

Vega Sport Protein Powder


Pure whey protein that is made with natural protein sources, such as ultra-filtrated whey are definitely better than some of the fake, knock-off or poorly manufactured plant-based protein powder products we mentioned above; however, plant-based protein powders might just win this battle…

Animal whey is made from pure milk. Pure milk is made of up two essential proteins: casein and whey. Whey protein is separated from the casein in milk.

Whey protein is considered to be a complete protein because it naturally contains all nine essential amino acids. This makes it easy to digest and for the body to absorb quickly, which is why it is often referred to as the “food for muscles”.

Whey protein is also low in lactose content, which makes it a viable choice for individuals with lactose allergies.


What is the Healthiest Protein Powder?

On the other hand, what most people don’t realize is that the best and healthiest plant-based protein powders are made from pea protein, brown rice, and hemp protein, which can be just as effective for reaching exercise or fitness goals or even building muscle.

In fact, plant-based proteins that are made from pea protein and brown rice are the best combinations for a healthy, plant-based diet.

The combination of pea protein and brown rice often fill the gap in nutrition due to a lack of protein sources. Furthermore, pea protein and brown rice together also make up the difference in nine amino acids that are found in animal whey protein.

Although most plant-based protein powders are knocked because of their lack of BCAAs when compared with whey protein, we discovered that the right amount of pea protein and brown rice actually provide sufficient amounts of Leucine, which is one of the nine essential amino acids necessary for muscle growth and recovery.

In fact, 48 grams of brown rice each day will provide a sufficient source of Leucine—the same amount as what is found in animal whey protein.

All in all, plant-based proteins are also easily digestible, they are often healthier and do not contain any additives, and have a neutral taste.

Of course, we are talking about reputable and well-made plant-based protein powders here…


Vega Sport Protein Review: The Case for Plant-Based Protein Powders

In summary, plant-based proteins that are made with truly pure, clean, and natural protein sources are the healthiest and the best plant-based protein powders to use for building muscle and helping you to reach your fitness goals.

This is why we chose Vega Sport Performance Protein Powder. Vega is made with pea protein, hemp protein, brown rice and other natural ingredients that make for a great-tasting, healthy, and excellent source of protein that is safe and will complement any plant-based diet.

Finally, choosing the best plant-based protein powder really depends on your own personal fitness and training goals, dietary preferences and allergies, and what works well with your body and what doesn’t.

You may need to try different plant-based protein powders at different times of the day in order to find one that works best for you.

For example, some individuals find it beneficial to drinking plant-based protein shakes first thing in the morning after a workout whereas others preferred to drink their nutritional shakes later in the day or evening after a workout.

It may take some trial and error to determine what and when works best for you.

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